Our Fleet

Our fleet of over 25 ambulette vans are impeccably maintained.

The vans are high top vans and have hydraulic lifts, tinted or non-tinted windows and recessed lighting, and climate control.

We undergo a mandatory D.O.T. inspection every 6 months and are highly respected. We have an onsite Mechanic at all times.

We are equipped with two-way radios to an onsite dispatcher.

Our Fleet can accommodate customers:

    • Who Walk with Walkers
    • Cannot do Steps
    • Manual & Electric Wheelchairs
    • Scooters
    • Extra Wide Wheelchairs
    • Non-Emergency Stretcher

If you don't have a wheelchair...we will provide one!

Our Fleet provides the following services:

    • Non-Emergency Transportation
Medical Appointments
Adult Day Care
Recreational Outings
    • School/College Transportation
Stretcher Transport
    • Wheelchair Transport
Hospital Discharges

Proudly Servicing:
NY Counties: Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties.
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